WordCamp LA 2013

wordcamp-laAs I’m writing this, there are just a few seats left for the 2013 WordCamp Los Angeles.

From WordPress Wiki: “WordCamp” is the name given to all WordPress-related gatherings, both informal unconferences and more formal conferences.[74] The first such event was WordCamp 2006 in August 2006 in San Francisco, which lasted one day and had over 500 attendees.[75][76] The first WordCamp outside San Francisco was held in Beijing in September 2007.[77] Since then, there have been over 150 WordCamps around the world, for an average of nearly one a week.[77] WordCamp San Francisco, an annual event, remains the official annual conference of WordPress developers and users.

wcIf you have never been to a WordCamp before, we urge you to go! It’s the best place to learn, discover and connect to the WordPress community. This year the event  is held over two information packed days at Cal State University, Los Angeles. Sandwiched in between the full schedule of talks is the after party, which is often the best place to connect with WordPress professionals in a more casual and relaxed way. You will quickly learn that WordPress folks like to have fun and socialize too!

For only $40 you can attend all of the events, a fraction of the actual cost to put on the event. You might ask yourself, “why do they do this?” It’s part of the WordPress culture to give back to the community. WordPress is an open source solution who’s very existence is dependent on the community of developers who have contributed to the core development. We’ve found that attending WordCamps can be contagious and you might be soon trekking up and down the coast too!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


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