behla design, graphic design + web development

The team at Behla Design consists of top Los Angeles web design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and copywriting professionals. Andrew and his team dedicate themselves to ensuring that every aspect of a website build, a print campaign, or any other project they oversee is marked by beauty, sophistication, and the customer’s satisfaction.

Clients of our Los Angeles web design company include:

The Behla Design team believes in community participation.  As such, we have taken on pro bono projects and have been delighted to offer free design services to the Topanga Peace Alliance and Los Angeles Earth Day Celebration. We have also started and organized the West Valley WordPress Meetup Group and Los Angeles WooCommerce Meetup Group to give back to the community with free, educational events open to the public. Come join us!

Our Founder

Andrew Behla founded Behla Design, Graphic Design & Web Development in 2000. Andrew has worked in the graphic design, web development, and print design for over twenty years and he has shared his industry knowledge as a teacher at Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension where he was named Outstanding Instructor of the Year.

Andrew’s degrees in Philosophy and Business from Trinity University have given him the know-how both to run a successful Los Angeles graphic design and web development business and to cultivate meaningful relationships with his customers. His experiences as a teacher come out in everything he does and Andrew is always thrilled to pass along his expertise to his clients and his team.

Our Core Values

Andrew and his team go out of their way to provide continual support to clients during all phases of their projects.  Once a project nears completion, Andrew empowers his clients by offering training, education, and consulting so they can easily update their sites or make changes on their own.  At Behla Design, we strongly believe in sharing information with our clients and we provide the resources they need to learn and take ownership.

One of the platforms that Andrew is a big fan of is WordPress, which is completely open source.  This community-based content management system (CMS) allows for continued sharing and participation – values that are right in-line with the philosophies of Andrew and the Behla Design team.

Building Sustainable Customer Relationships

Sustainability is a core value of Behla Design and our team looks for every opportunity to support projects that promote the health of the earth and her people. Just as the details of our work matter to us, so do the small choices we make every day – choices like recycling and using sustainable business practices wherever possible. To that end, the main office of Behla Design runs on 100% solar energy. The company is also committed to green endeavors like recycling, telecommuting, and conserving energy wherever possible.

This dedication to sustainability carries over into the relationships we build with our clients. Andrew and his team believe in the idea of reciprocity. We don’t just take on projects that will be beneficial to our business – we look for projects that will be a good fit for both the client and us. Our goal is never to complete a project and move on. We’re interested in building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers that will help us both succeed.

It’s easy to find a Los Angeles graphic designer with a great vision. It’s a lot harder finding one who is interested in listening to your vision. Your website, print campaign, and other graphic design projects are about telling your story, not ours.

At Behla Design, we are dedicated to providing you with the best tools to tell your story in a manner that is compelling, engaging, and true to you.  Once you enlist our services, we will assemble a team of professionals that will help you plan your project, strategize to carry out steps, and effectively communicate your vision.  Contact us today to learn more.