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Woo Expert BadgeAt Behla Design, Graphic Design & Web Development, we have a bit of a love affair with WooCommerce. Woo Themes has over a hundred top-quality WordPress templates that offer exceptional customization options. We’re particularly enamored with their Storefront theme because it’s essentially a blank canvas from which we can build the website you want. Our WordPress website design services aren’t about sticking you in a box – they’re about forgetting the box ever existed. The WooCommerce Storefront theme helps us achieve that goal.

Custom and Template WordPress Theme Development

Many WordPress websites are built from existing templates; it’s the easiest way to create a fully functioning website with minimal kinks and maximum usability (though we can also offer you a custom built website if you have your heart set on one). Woo Themes is just one of many companies that offers templates for WordPress websites, but they’re our favorite because their templates are consistently clean, extremely functional, and offer exceptional user interfaces.

When you choose Behla Design for your website, our WordPress website development team will work with you to find the perfect Woo Themes template. We’ll help you pick the template with the ideal combination of customizability, functionality, and style to suit the specific needs of your company. From there, we’ll work with you step by step to choose the perfect enhancements to make your website stand out from your competition and impress your customers.

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Working with WooCommerce Storefront

Storefront is among our favorite WooCommerce themes because it offers an unparalleled level of customizability. Whatever you’d like to do with your website, Storefront is a great place to start. With this theme, our WordPress theme development team can incorporate your own images into the design, lay the website out however you would like, change the width and font of any element, incorporate custom widgets, utilize the best plugins, and leave you with a WordPress website design that is engaging, interactive, and stunning.

Again, the main reason we love Woo Themes is that their templates do whatever we want – and by “we,” we mean you. Our WordPress website design services are about finding the right colors, fonts, images, and layouts for your tastes. We’re not here to sell you a pre-packaged solution – this website for this type of business, that one for that budget. Our goal is help you create a website that is exactly what you want. We’ll be here every step of the way to provide you with our expertise and advice whenever you’d like it, but the websites we design are ultimately yours. If you’re not happy with it, we’re not happy with it. Your satisfaction always comes first!

Let us help you design and develop a WordPress website that exceeds all of your wildest expectations. Contact us today to learn more about Woo Themes customization and our WordPress development services.

Case Studies:

Words and Watercolors
Site design and development for a greeting card company. Implemented dynamic pricing, wholesale solution and custom UI/UX for card display and user experience.

Sierra Nevada Cheese
Redesign and custom development for cheese and dairy company. Improve overall user and optimize shop to improve customer’s experience increase sales. Customized shipping rules based on zip code zones with free shipping incentives

Ele Kauai
Custom site design and development for hand crafted soy candle and body products company.