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los angeles web developementIf your website is your story and your web design is the first page – web development is the binding that holds the whole thing together. Without proficient web development services, it doesn’t matter what your story is – no one will be able to read it as your site’s functionality will turn users off! But not to fear – the Los Angeles web development team at Behla Design, Graphic Design & Web Development, is here to save the day!

Our founder, Andrew Behla is a fanatic about solid web development. He attends conferences and events such as WordCamps for WordPress to stay on top of all of the latest trends and advancements in the web developer community. He’s even created and taught courses at Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension within the schools’ Art, Design, and Photography departments.  Andrew’s a stickler for detail, and this translates directly into superior services and sites for our clients.

Solid Web Development Enhances Your Site’s Performance

Web development has to do with HTML, PHP, CSS and lots of other annoying acronyms that most normal people have heard but fall asleep half way through the definition of. Lucky for you, we’re experts at all that coding mumbo-jumbo and know how to make the most of it in order to make your website lightning fast, completely reliable, and easy to find in that endless sea we call the Internet.

Our Los Angeles web development team loves the WordPress platform. With our ninja coding skills, we can help you use WordPress to create custom content types, give you unique functionality, and customize your theme and plugins according to your specific requirements. With an eye for simplicity and utility, our web development gurus will have your website running better than a Maserati!

Continual Web Developer Support

Another great thing about our team of web developers is that we’re all about education. If there’s something you’d like to have explained regarding your site’s coding, we’re here to help. If your site is built on the WordPress platform, we offer WordPress website training so you can make updates on your own.  Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to keep your website performing at optimal levels. We want you to be able to update your site’s content at your own convenience. But of course, if you ever need any assistance, we’ve got you covered.

At Behla Design, the customer always comes first. No question is too silly – ask away, and we’ll do our best to answer you as quickly, concisely, and clearly as we can.

Contact Behla Design today to learn more about our custom web development solutions. If you have more detailed information that you can share about your project please fill out our questionnaire so that we can be better informed about your project needs.

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