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Print design and web design are two very different things. Some web design firms tack print design onto their list of services to round out their offerings, but very few web designers actually have a solid background in print.

Why is this, you ask? Print and web design must have a great deal of overlap, right?

Sure, but they also have some very distinct differences that need to be understood and appreciated in order to capitalize on the benefits (and avoid the downfalls) of both.

Case in point – you need a design for your business card. On your website’s “contact” page you can post your mailing address, your permanent address, your fax, mobile, office, and home numbers.  You can even throw in a map and driving directions if you’d like. You can also have a whole other page devoted to bios of everyone in your company and their personal email addresses.

Now, try fitting all of this onto a business card, all while making your company look its best.

With business cards, brochures, newspaper ads, and other such print media, your print designer has a finite amount of space with which to convey your message in a way that is clear, concise, and convincing. There’s no linking to more information on other pages – you just get the one page (or pamphlet or card or advertising space) to get your story across. So how do you do it?

You let the Los Angeles print design team at Behla Design, Graphic Design & Web Development help.

Print Designer with Years of Experience

Our founder, Andrew Behla, has been working in the publishing and graphic communications industry since 1990. His experiences designing magazine layouts, print ads and brochures in particular have given him a keen eye for making the most of any print campaign. Andrew knows what information to include, how to lay it out, what images to utilize, which colors will complement each other without clashing, and how to make everything come together in a way that entices your audience.

A Los Angeles print designer from Behla Design can help you design your next magazine ad, update your brochure, or launch an entire print campaign. Just having a strong website isn’t enough. Staples of business-like professional letterhead and high-quality business cards are just as important as they ever were in making the right impression on your customers, vendors, and competitors. Plus, print advertising, especially in magazines, remains a top-tier form of advertising.

Make sure your company is prepared to represent itself effectively both on the web and in person with our Los Angeles print design services.  To speak with us about your print project, contact us today.