Write a new ending for yourself, for the people you’re meant to serve and support, and for your culture.

- Brené Brown, PhD

our services

  • WooCommerce Specialists WooCommerce Specialists

    WooCommerce Specialists

    We handle all aspects of WooCommerce development, custom design and business grade solutions.

  • WordPress Website Design WordPress Website Design

    WordPress Website Design

    Over the last decade, we have helped clients create websites that present their businesses boldly and beautifully.

  • WordPress Development WordPress Development

    WordPress Development

    At Behla Design, we handle all of the back-end WordPress development that goes into creating a lightning fast, bug-free website.

  • Graphic Design Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    We offer complete graphic design services that range from branding to web, print and logo design.

  • Training & Support Training & Support

    Training & Support

    Behla Design is dedicated to providing our customers with the resources they need to maintain the websites we design and develop.

  • Custom Design Services Custom Design Services

    Custom Design Services

    Everything we do – from custom WordPress development to email marketing campaigns – we do specifically for you.

about us

wordpress development and los angeles web design

From the moment we wake up we are surrounded by design. Great design should not come at the expense of function. If anything, design should support and enhance the user’s experience.

At Behla Design, Graphic Design & Web Development, we know just how important a strong marketing presence is to any company, and we are devoted to helping you make the right impression through the use of effective design. Our Los Angeles graphic design and web development team is dedicated to creating visual experiences that will engage, excite, and entice your customers. We are WooCommerce specialists who thrive on solving complex business problems for our clients.

We are passionate about telling your story in the most effective way possible. To achieve direct, mind-to-mind communication is the goal, leaving your audience with an experience that is coherent and memorable.

Everyone has a story to tell. At Behla Design, we have the tools to help you tell it.

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Turbo Charge WooCommerce WordCamp Presentation

posted on September 30, 2017

Thank you to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors of WordCamp LA. Andrew presented on how to Turbo Charge WooCommerce Sales. Please download the PDF presentation here.  

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