Testimonials Archive

Centurion Labs

We have been extremely fortunate to work with the Behla Team. We had been looking for a partner with expertise in WooCommerce and Behla has been excellent every step of the way. They are super knowledgeable, have great recommendations, are very responsive, and are overall a fantastic partner. We would recommend them to any business looking to sharpen and grow their online presence.

Lady Moxy

Look no further! Behla Design is a superior website development and design firm. The best I’ve ever worked with. They are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and super responsive. Their process is seamless, and the value they provide is amazing.

Volunteers of America, Los Angeles

Behla Design has been a dream to work with. They were able to transfer our ideas into a beautiful and functional website. And they were patient while we struggled to get content or make decisions. They designed and built a custom WordPress theme for us that is everything we wanted – in a timely fashion. Not only the technical side but the aesthetics were more than we expected. I would recommend Behla Design for anyone who wants to build a WordPress website.

Brook Cosby

I am very happy to let you know that we have been extremely satisfied working with Behla Design. We are based in New York and Behla Design is in LA, but all of our projects have gone incredibly smoothly despite the fact that we have never met in person!

Behla Design successfully migrated our e-commerce site to WooCommerce (resulting in a much improved online customer experience & accompanying uptick in sales) and has enthusiastically, competently and promptly completed our subsequent web development projects. They have helped us strategize about the best (most shippable) way to list our products online, customized the look of the theme to our match branding, set up an inventory management system for our unique SKUs & taught us how to maintain it ourselves (has been easy to do), synced the new site to our existing credit card processing system, linked the site with our social media channels, built a photo gallery populated by user images, etc. etc. Behla Design answer emails/phone calls in a very timely manner and are great at explaining technological situations to us and helping us make the best decisions for our business.

I am very grateful that we connected with Behla Design.

Please let me know if I can elaborate on any of the above. I couldn’t recommend Behla Design more highly.

Gary Senser

Behla Design are real creative professionals. They helped me create a website that looks great and really works (to generate leads). And, is easy to manage. Whenever I need help with modifications or additions, they are just an email or call away. If you’re looking for a website designer with strong WordPress expertise, I recommend you give them a call.

Brian Gibson

Behla Design has been helped me develop the site for my importing business Jalan Jalan Imports.  The sites look amazing, are easy to navigate and the format is easy enough for my employees to update and make changes to the site which saves us a lot of time and money.  I don’t know a thing about computers and have no interest in learning.  Behla Design has been so patient with me over the years, helping me and advising me on everything from Yelp to Search Optimization (SEO) techniques.  Behla Design’s assistance has had a dramatic effect on my outreach and overall success of both businesses.  I would highly recommend them.

Jason Robertson

Behla Design was indispensable to our family’s business, helping us create a good looking website that was easy for our customers to navigate and easy for non-programmers to update. They advised us on how to grow our site so that it climbed the rankings of all the major search engines by giving us simple tips we could implement ourselves, as well as offering advanced services from seasoned experts at an affordable cost. Today, our small family business has a beautiful website that we are constantly complimented on, and our business pops up in the first page of results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines. We could never have done this affordably without Behla Design, who continues to advise us on issues that pop up years later. They are always available and prompt in dealing with issues big and small. You won’t find a more affordable, friendly, and reliable web solution than Behla Design!

Amber Khan

I’ve worked with Behla Design for numerous years.  When it comes to web design and development, this company is beyond knowledgeable.  Aside from having an excellent design aesthetic, I’ve found that the team really tries to understand what their clients’ needs are.  They then provide their clients with individualized solutions, whether it be customizing a WordPress template or building a site from scratch.  I’ve recommended Behla Design to many of my clients and have had the privilege of working with the company on several projects.  I have never been disappointed with their solutions, abilities, or overall knowledge of what works to achieve a clients’ online marketing objectives.  I will continue to work with Behla Design and refer clients to this company as I feel they are dedicated and provide exceptional work.

Bauer Publishing L.P.

Behla Design is very flexible and works towards company goals. Their tenacity in finding resources helped us many times. They are team players and are always very helpful to take on new tasks or go out of their way in order to achieve department goals.

Eric Scheffer

I have worked with Behla Design on numerous projects and they produce outstanding work every time.

Mammoth Entertainment

Thanks for all of your hard work and time. I really appreciate how well your efforts have paid off (with the design).

Sonic Farm

If you need just about ANY type of graphic design or a website, do yourself a favor and hire Behla Design to do it. Not only are they experts at navigating industry standard graphic programs, but they also have an immense talent and taste in putting together graphic landscapes. Their patience allowed them to work with me for hours while putting up with my demanding graphic design ideas.

Suzanne Teng

Behla Design not only created a beautiful piece of art for our CD package, but they did it with grace and commitment.  Behla Design is one of the nicest teams to know and work with.  They are generous in spirit, have a contagious calmness and are experts at their craft… a winning combination!

Tracy Griffiths

Behla Design is a true gem in the internet industry. Their expertise and down to earth style of communication is so refreshing. We wanted to be free with making changes and updates on our website, and not have to depend on a web designer for everything. After Behla Design initially set up our site, we are now independent and when we want to make bigger adjustments, they know the latest up do date technology to get us there. Since Behla Design has helped us with our e-store, our website also provides another stream of income! We can always rely on on Behla Design and they really knows their stuff!

Thank you Behla Design, we are so blessed to get to work with you.