Three Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

vector_358_05We are always on the hunt for great plugins, and we love to share our findings in order to save others time with research. Last month, we needed to find affiliate plugins for a client we were working with, and after a lengthy search of reading reviews, and trying the plugins out, here are our top three choices. But first, let’s define what an affiliate plugin is.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Have you ever noticed when visiting a website that they have Amazon ads at the bottom? Those are called affiliates. An affiliate program allows other websites to post a link to your site, and then the other sites pay you commission for each time someone clicks on their site, or buys one of their products. In the example above, if you choose to run Amazon ads on your website, Amazon will pay you commission if a person coming from your site buys something on Amazon.

Affiliate programs can work for virtually anything. If you have a website for dentist reviews, dentists can pay you for referring them on your website. If you have a blog about home improvement, you can link contractor websites on your own site, and they will have to pay you every time someone clicks on their ad.

Benefits of an Affiliate Program

There are various benefits to joining an affiliate program. lists the following:

Increased sales
Drive traffic to your site
Generate qualified leads
Extend the reach of your brand
Better search engine rankings
The ultimate viral marketing strategy

Three Top WordPress Affiliate Plugins

WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin

If you have read our other blogs, you know that we are a huge proponent of using WordPress. Their affiliate platform plugin is an easy way to start an affiliate program. You can use the plugin to recruit affiliates, pay them commission, and then manage and track the progress. The plugin is pretty easy to use; you basically create banners and links which are posted on others’ websites, and then you can see how each website is doing, and how much traffic each site is bringing to you. The program will even figure out and pay commission for you.

These are the features that are listed on their site:

  • Launch your affiliate campaign in a short time.
  • Monitor clicks and conversions of visitors sent by your affiliates.
  • Maintain your brand with your own product Ad Banners and Links.
  • Drive more traffic to your landing/sales page from your Affiliate’s site.
  • Significantly BOOST revenue with more sales.

wordpress affiliate pluginMagic Affiliate

This is a great plugin that is integrated with WooCommerce. It claims to make your website a fully-automated membership site for affiliates. The developers claim that it’s very easy to use; the only thing you’d need to do is activate the plugin through WordPress and be using the plugin in minutes. It’s not hard for novices to figure out, as there are no codes involved. Probably their best sales push is that you can try them out for free. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

It’s easy to integrate with WooCommerce, WP e-commerce, as well as AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact and MailChimp, and is compatible with Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin.

While the affiliate above allows you to make manual payments, Magic affiliate lets you make PayPal Mass payments automatically, which is a huge time saver.

amazon affiliate

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin

Everyone knows that Amazon is the biggest deal in online retail. If you have a working site, you may want to consider partnering up with Amazon to earn commission from them. This plugin allows you to do so safely and easily. You can actually create your own store on your e-commerce site, and sell products directly from Amazon. You can earn up to 10% commission from Amazon’s million affiliate program items. And during special promotions, you can even earn up to 25% in commissions.

Here are some other great features, as listed on their support page:

  • Choose from any Amazon Location – Worldwide, Amazon Germany, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Italy, Amazon China, Amazon Spain.
  • 90 days cookies feature – With this feature, when a user is redirected to amazon, the product is automatically added to cart and kept there for 90 days (this boosts your conversions also!).
  • On Site Cart feature! This option will allow your customers to add multiple Amazon Products into Cart and checkout trough Amazon’s system with all at once!
  • Prices setup – Select if you want to import prices only from Seller Amazon, or from other sellers as well (get lowest price)
  • Products Variations – Get product variations. Be careful about Yes All variations as one product can have a lot of variation. With this, execution time is dramatically increased!
  • Great SEO content for your products, our WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin takes all data available for all Amazon products: Title, Prices (regular prices, sales prices and all prices variations), all products attributes, product reviews and full products descriptions.

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