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WordPress eCommerce Solutions

wordpress ecommerce solutions

WordPress has become a very popular platform for building blogs and custom websites even  e-commerce and there are a lot of e-commerce plugins to choose from.  Mashable came up with a top 10 list. Some will agree and some will disagree, but we will all probably agree that there are many to choose from and they all serve a specific purpose depending on the needs of the business.

Of course one of the most popular if not the most popular is free WP e-Commerce. This plugin offers a lot of choices as far as themes and features goes. It was designed to support the most widely used payment sources, paypal and Google Checkout. One of the really cool features is product sharing through social media. This plugin is ‘THE’ wordpress plugin. We’ve found that this plugin can be fraught with bugginess and bad coding practices. Above all a site any plugin should function consistently and be easy to use.

Shopp plugin is a power and highly customizable ecommerce solution that has a more consistent and stable code base over all. It is more development intensive which means it requires more effort and time to configure and style. It has a strong user base with a good selection of extensions and payment processing options. Shopp was used by Behla Design for the  Golden Earth site to create an experience that is clean and elegant.

Another one that the designers at Behla Design are currently enamored with but that is not featured in the top ten is WooCommerce. Not only does WooCommerce.com  offer compatible WordPress themes, but WooCommerce also provides an e-commerce plugin that supports the following and these are just a few:

PayPal Pro
Google Checkout
Inspire Commerce

With only a year under it’s belt Woo Commerce has exploded on the WordPress ecommerce scene. There are over 160 extensions that have been developed and many more in the works. When you combine this with  stylish and elegant themes that are ready to go, you can quickly see the potential that Woo Commerce has to make it a business grade solution. Woo Themes recently put their solution to the test by converting their entire site to run on the plugin with over 300,000 users and high volume traffic. No small feat!

Behla Design has also used the Unsigned Woo Theme for several music sites. The theme is very user friendly, has a lot of cool features. The home page is fully customizable, there is an events module for scheduling shows, and a discography module for featuring albums. Having a theme like this is great for selling songs, cds, etc. with the payment gateway. It is all compatible and makes for a flawless site and seamless transactions.

Behla Design can help you choose a theme and payment plugin for your wordpress site and provide a custom design that is just right for your business.

Andrew Behla founded Behla Design, Graphic Design & Web Development in 2000.

Andrew and his team go out of their way to provide continual support to clients during all phases of their projects.  The team at Behla Design consists of top Los Angeles web designweb development, search engine optimization (SEO), and copywriting professionals. Contact us for a consultation.

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